Rubber Flooring Solutions

Oklahoma's Source for Rubcorp® Rubber Flooring Solutions

RubCorp’s rubber flooring solution is made from recycled Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) and Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) is comprised of recycled and pre-cycled tire materials.  It is bound together using proprietary resins that are UV stable, chemical resistant and have a low VOC rating. Once the product is cured (within 24hrs of installation), it binds well to concrete, wood or tile while remaining shock absorbent and non-slip. Its longevity can be increased by cleaning it periodically using common cleaning products and water.

Customization can be achieved by using RubCorp’s color selections or having your logo embedded in the surface. It is a relatively clean installation process with little disruption to your business or home use.

Learn more about Rubcorp by visiting their website.

Rubcorp Features:

  • High quality high density, color rubber components that will not fade. The color is consistent all the way through and not just a topical color added to the surface. It is guaranteed to remain consistent in size and texture.
  • Maintenance is easier than any other flooring option. It can be cleaned with an over the counter dish soap, water and a light broom. Power washing the surface is acceptable and is not detrimental to the longevity of the product.
  • Increases safety. It is a non-slip surface that is embraced by Las Vegas Casinos that has all but eliminated their lawsuits related to slips and falls around their pools.
  • Does not hold heat, which makes it a perfect solution for pool decks and other barefoot surfaces.
  • This product has shock absorbent properties. 
  • It comes in a litany of color options. In fact, color options are endless if you mix colors with a blended creation of your own.
  • Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) Rubber’s low thermal conductivity, flexibility, through-coloring, and UV stability make it a viable solution for a multitude of applications and surfacing solutions.
  • Rubcorp’s polyurethane resins are engineered to withstand the harshest UV & chemical conditions while maintaining a Low VOC rating.
  • Dennis Taylor
    Please let me take this opportunity to recommend Byers Roofing to you.  We recently completed over $250,000 dollars of work with them.  This included repair of old membrane roofs as well as some areas of new roofing.  I have found Bo to be straight forward and honest. We have found them to be courteous, professional and thorough in their work.  There were some leakage issues with rain during installation.  They were prompt to get here to help with cleanup and repair the temporary work till weather let them finish the job.  Impressive! Since completion there have been a few leaks that they have been here quickly to search out and repair.  Several of these leaks had to do with existing conditions that were not within the scope of their work.  Even with that they have worked to fix or help us know what to do for repair.
    Dennis Taylor
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    It is with the highest regard I recommend The Byers Company to you for your roofing project. Several months ago, we engaged the Byers Company to replace our existing roofing system. Bo and his team offered us several options, discussed the benefits and liabilities of each and ultimately helped us make the best decision for our unique situation. The installation was efficient and professional and the complete project came in on time and budget. Bo and his team were willing to answer questions we had before and after the installation and they worked around our service schedule to minimize disruption to our normal course of operations.
    Chris Beasley, Associate Pastor
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